• Vision and Mission


    Founder of ALINZ , ( MR. INDER JEET PRUTHI ) , belongs to very rural town of India ( Jind Haryana ) . Where there were very less scope of interacting with Global Networks. With his hard workings and Vision only, ALINZ has reach to a well known name among International companies. ALINZ has proved, that by Hard workings, approaching Good contacts and Targets , Results can be achieved , which is the first step to Success . Continuation to the Vision will always create best results to everyone. .

    Mission of ALINZ, has been always to Create best contacts with International Business community.

    ALINZ first Mission is to Create / Provide employment to maximum people of India, so that No one should sleep without sufficient Food..

    ALINZ second mission is to showcase Indian ARTS / CRAFTS / RICH CULTURE of India to every corner of World ..

    ALINZ third mission is to invite maximum International visitors to India , so that they can see and feel Indian products , Monuments , Foods , Crafts , Culture and Many others.

    And ALINZ always feel that India has capacity / Capability to Rule and Educate the World by showing IMPORTANCE of PEACE WITH STRENGTH.

    ALINZ will always carry their vision and Mission.

    After success of Office automation products (Sales / services / Distributions ), ALINZ forwarded their step to Global Market of exports and imports as ALINZ BUYING HOUSE in 2005 . Having good exposure to International and National Market, ALINZ Started match making between Indian and International Clients . ALINZ handled products like all type of Textiles , Garments , Handicrafts , Leather Goods , Engineering products , Coir and Rubber products , Ayurvedic and Herbal Products , Home furnishings and Decorative like Bed Covers , Cushions , Bath mats , Towels and many others ..

    With the help of ALINZ networks, so many exporters of India received big volumes of business from International Market. The process and workings of exporting Indian Goods to International Market is still a Big Agenda of ALINZ and doing best possible efforts to Increase and increase Indian exports.