• Present Activities

    ALINZ is presently exporting Indian products like Textiles , Garments , Jewellery , Accessories , Leather Products , Home furnishings and Many others to Global Market through their best vendors/ exporters , which are based at different states of India like HARYANA, PUNJAB, HIMACHAL , UTTAR PRADESH , GUJARAT , MAHARASHTRA , TAMILNADU , KERELA , RAJASTHAN and MANY OTHERS ..

    ALINZ is working their Hard and with best efforts / strength to Establish Portable Petrol Pumps in India ..

    ALINZ is working to give Indian farmers best technologies and Products so that They can achieve best quality of Crops ( Organic Farming )..

    ALINZ is in process of convincing Indian states to help the crafts persons to showcase their crafts to International Market . ALINZ has proposed many working plans for that .. and Many other similar activities which can be helpful in Building the Nation more and More strengthen .