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    ALINZ GROUP has exclusive association with Czech company for importing /marketing /distribution of this product.
    This product is very useful for the farmers of India, to generate /grow better quality and more quantity of crops mainly for FRUITS/VEGETABLES/FLOWERS.

    We have target to reach this product to almost every farmer of India, so that they can take maximum advantage of this technology based product , in developing their crops without /minimum use of harmful chemicals.


    Liquid ecological fertilizer which contains a simulative substance, suitable for watering and spray.

    Item no Content Nomenclature Plants
    980 ml House plants
    980 ml Pelargonium & balcony
    980 ml Fruiting vegetables
    980 ml Universal
    980 ml Flowering house flowers
    980 ml Strawberry
    980 ml Outdoor flowering plants & roses

    Using this product, farmers can give organic products /crops to Indian users and they can get huge scope of exporting their products (because the crops they will generate using this product will be of Organic / Good International quality).
    We also have target to reach this product to all agriculture lovers, who have small plantations for their self use (farm houses /small houses/ personal gardens).

    Organic fertilizer with fertilizing effects. Applicable for all the plants creating a green mass.

    1. Basic characteristics of the product

    Liquid preparation manufactured of the highest quality Vermikompost which is created in the digestive tract of composting earthworm from Eisenia foetida family (Californian red). The main effects of the products consist in presence of plant, organic fertilizer enzymes and humic substances extracted from Vermikompost which also provides nutrients. Naturally obtained lignohumate is contained too.
    BIO certificate was issued for VERMESFLUID. It means that it has all properties necessary for plant growing in ecological mode. Our product is extraordinarily environmentally considerate.

    VERMESFLUID provides:
    - Optimal nutrition and better nutrients absorption,
    - More vital plant, more resistant against various diseases and insects,
    - increased photosynthesis and better coloration of green mass thanks to the presence of humic substances, amino acids (stimulators) and natural enzymes,
    - Shortening of growing season and acceleration of head ripening,
    - Higher sugar content at some crops,
    - Lower stress caused by extremal changes like dry-wet, hot-cold and by mechanical damages of the leaves (for example by hailstones)
    - increased quantity of blooms (which results in better yield at fruits)
    The principle of VERMESFLUID effect consists in ability of stimulating matters contained in it to increase utilisation and acceptability of nutrition matters from the earth. VERMESFLUID is a result of long-term development and practical application not only in agricultural large-scale production, but also by smaller farmers and in a hobby gardens. Very good effects on yield and quality of the plants were fully confirmed by users. An original prescription is in ownership of the inventor and manufacturer, received Czech and Austrian certificates.

    2. Application for field vegetables

    1. Recommended dosing It is necessary to use an organic fertilizer before sowing. Recommended concentration of spraying solution is 3 % (max. 4 %, otherwise the plant will not use the nutrients from stimulator).
    2. Application
    3. Sprayings are recommended, but for some plans, depending on technical conditions (access to the plants), VERMESFLUID can be sprayed up to 8 times.

    1st application
    15th day after the tops rise (plant height 8-10 cm).Acceleration of green mass growing increased photosynthesis for better absorption of nutrients through the roots.
    2nd application
    25th day .Nitrogen is created in roots system, the creation of subtle radicles is improved, better absorption of nutrients is achieved. In this period the rosebuds are growing. Spraying will give better health condition to the plant; its stress resistance abilities are higher.
    3rd application
    35- 38th day. Better coloration of leaf surface, higher photosynthesis activity, and better creation of bulbs (fruits) .The resistance against fungal diseases is higher. Leaf tissue is reinforced which increases the resistance to absorbent insects.
    4th application
    50-55th day. Nutrients absorption from the earth is improved; creation of bulbs is further accelerated. Higher ripening and resistance to mildew and fungal diseases is achieved. In case of the plants where multiple application of VERMESFLUID is allowed, (Vine, tobacco...) we recommend spraying in 14-15 days intervals up to final ripening of the plant. The toleration for spraying time is +/- 3 to 5 days (according to growth conditions of the over ground part of the plant and according to technical conditions for machinery access).





    Manufacturer and distributor

    The Product is manufactured by an European company (CZECH REPUBLIC BASED).
    The manufacturer have experimented the product on various products at different locations worldwide. The Growth of plants has been reported from 20% to 150%, depending upon the type of plant and circumstances. The growth period or the cropping time is also observed less than normal time.
    Manufacturer has provided all certificates and still is ready to give more if any required from them, stating The use of this liquid cannot harm any plantation, or has no side effects, This product is completely Biological and organic, Distributor We, ALINZ BUYING HOUSE, have taken all rights of imports and distributions of this product throughout India and also in Asian Countries. We are New Delhi based company, working since 15 years for many export and import projects with many international companies, based in different parts of world.
    We look forward the sales and distributions with our partners/distributors/coordinators, state wise.